Orchid Growing Instructions

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The beauty of the orchid's line and color is known to all who bask in the offerings of the florist's window, but the breathless suspense and expectation that attend the unfolding of the mysterious growth of the orchid plant are known to the grower alone.
The appearance of each new growth and root is cause for rejoicing; the slimy mark of a snail or the cottony warning of the presence of scale is cause for distress.
The habits and idiosyncrasies of every species and plant are subject to absorbed study.
Different methods of growing and the relative merits of hybrids and species are endlessly discussed among fellow growers.
The orchid grower checks his mundane worries at the door of the greenhouse and enters a world that offers surcease even to the heart heavily burdened with sorrow and loss.
However, when the beginner, eager but ignorant, seeks published information on the growing of orchids, he may be discouraged by the dearth of information.
Where growers of garden-variety flowers find an almost bewildering wealth of literature, the would-be orchid grower bumps up against what seems to be a wall of secrecy.
This wall once was impregnable—each orchid hunter, grower, and hybridizer jealously guarded finds from curious and covetous eyes—but today there is an organized effort to popularize the growing of orchids by dispersing information through amateur groups and bulletins.
If the amateur will play fair with the commercial grower, he can obtain much valuable information even from him.
The amateur need only remember the important fact that to the professional the sale of orchids is a means of making a living, while to the amateur it is a means of securing pleasure and perhaps pin-money.
There is now no deliberate conspiracy to conceal information about orchid growing, but there is still too little material available for the amateur.
Many fine orchid books, first printed in expensive limited editions, have been long out of print, and others, published abroad, have not been translated. In the following pages we shall contribute our small share to building the foundation of a more general interest in and understanding of orchid culture.
Beginning with a glimpse into the life secrets of the orchid and continuing through to the rather specialized knowledge required for growing orchids from seed, the aim of the book is to make a fascinating and worth-while hobby available to thousands.
Once the way has been opened, the amateur will find many adventurous and rewarding by-paths to explore on his own.
Now, if your looking for orchid growing instructions, you must remember that there are a lot of different species of orchids and what works for one will not work for another.
There are just too many factors involved in growing orchids. Light, climate, housing, feed, and a whack of others are specific for individual orchid species.
Here’s a hint in growing healthy orchids. Always find out the native land of the orchid and study the climate, light, and environment. From there, you should be able to get a head start on your orchid growing instructions.
This website will also contain a lot of useful information you need to grow your orchid. So, please feel free to roam around the website. I’m sure you will find a lot of useful information that has been tried and tested over time that will certainly help you with your orchid growing hobby.
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