Acanthephippium javanicum


Genus: Acanthephippium
Sub Family: Epidendroideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Ordo: Asparagales
Klas: Liliopsida
Devisi: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae

Description Acanthephippium javanicum Illustration in:
Acanthephippium is a genus of orchids consisting of 12 species. Genus name is derived from the Greek meaning acanthos spinning and ephippion which means the saddle, in accordance with the labellum of the flower-like saddle. Species-spe

This genus grow in the ground (terrestrial) and partially myco-heterotrophic. The genus is distributed from tropical and subtropical regions of India to southwest China to the Pacific.

Species: Acanthephippium bicolor (S. India, Sri Lanka, New Guinea). Acanthephippium chrysoglossum (W. Sumatra). Acanthephippium curtisii (Borneo - Sarawak). Acanthephippium eburneum (N. Sumatra, Borneo - Sarawak). Acanthephippium gougahensis (Thailand)
More description:
This orchid species are up to 80 cm tall whit short rhizomas. The oblong and fleshy pseudobulbs are up to 25 cm tall. They produce at their apex , parallel-veinedleaves, which can be up to 65 cm long.
The flower arises laterally from the pseudobulbs, with 3 to 6 flowers . The flowers are prominent, large, like cup- or urn-shaped, fleshy, waxy, and about 4 cm long. This orchid species unusual shape for an orchid. The flowers have colors from yellow to red to shades of orange and pink, marked with stripes or spots. The flower have a very strong fragrance.

Acacallis hoehnei

Spesies: Acacallis hoehnei

Genus: Acacallis
Sub Family: Epidendroideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Ordo: Orchidales
Klas: Liliopsida

Devisi: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae

Acacallis Lindl. 1853, is a genus of the family Orchidaceae that comes from South America with a small number of species. Genus name is derived from Greek mythology Akakallis. Based on the database of the Royal Botanical Gardens, the genus


Initial species found in the genus are found in the Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Peru.


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Examples of species Acacallis coerulea (Rchb. f.) Schltr. 1918 (synonymous with Aganisia fimbriata Rchb.f.) Acacallis cyanea Lindl. 1853 (Peru; Venezuela) (synonymous with Aganisia cyanea (Lindl.) Rchb.f) Acacallis fimbriata (Rchb. f.) Schltr. 1918 (Peru; V
Add Description :
Shape of flower : From medium sized sympodial epiphyte that grows to about 25 cm tall. Growths are a slender,prostrate, creeping rhizome.
Pseudobulb: 5 cm long. The egg-shaped pseudobulbs are normallyglossy green.
LEAVES: 20 cm long. Normally, a single, erect, leathery leaf iscarried at the top of each pseudobulb. Elliptic leaf and very shiny green on the upper surface,is about 7.5 cm wide, and has a petiolate base
INFLORESCENCE: The slender and erect to arching flowerspike about 30 cm
FLOWERS: The flowers are 6.3 cm . The sepals and petals are mauve on the outside, but are sky blueon the inside, Also often the white colour at their tips and white at thebase. The unstervilles reported that while the flowers are decidedlyblue when they open, the blueness rapidly takes on a tinge of pink.

Acampe dentata


Spesies: Acampe dentata
Genus: Acampe
Sub Family: Epidendroideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Ordo: Asparagales
Klas: Liliopsida


Devisi: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae

Type Status :Probable isotype
Publication :Fol. Orchid. 4: 3. 1853.
Verified by : P. Ormerod
Verification date : 14 Aug 2007
"Though the Holotype is numbered 179 in Kwew, it is likely a sheet number (ie the 179 the sheet from Hooker to Lindley)"


COLLECTION : Collector J. D. Hooker
Country : India
State/Province : Sikkim
Elevation : 609 m.

This genus are epiphytes monopodial orchid plants that are similar to Vanda. Orchids of this genus can grow into a large group of epiphytes. The colour of Orchid domination by yellow collour ,Flowers small spots with a sepal and the sam Petal. Labellum has 4 polinia. Genus series

This orchid genus spread from Africa, the Himalayas, Malaysia and China Southern.

Add Description
species: Acampe multiflora [Lindley] Lindley 1853 = Acampe rigida [Buch .- Ham. J. E. Smith's ex] P.F. Hunt 1970 Acampe carinata (Griff.) S.G. Panigrahi 1985 Acampe papillosa (Lindley) Lindl. 1853 Acampe crassifolia (Lindl. & Paxton) Szlach. 2003 Acamp

Saccolabium ochraceum Lindley, Edwards’s Bot. Reg. 28(Misc.): 2. 1842; Acampe dentata Lindley; A. griffithii H. G. Reichenbach; S. lineolatum Thwaites.

Stem ascending, to 1 m, stout, 1-1.3 cm in diam., internodes 2-3.5 cm. Leaves many, well spaced, distichous, ± spreading horizontally; leaf blade narrowly oblong, 13-20 × 2.5-3.4 cm, base amplexicaul-sheathing, apex obtuse and unequally bilobed. Inflorescences several, opposite to leaves, ascending, paniculate, 5-14 cm, with many short branches; each branch with 1 raceme and 2-6 flowers; peduncle 1-2 cm, 2-3 mm in diam.; floral bracts broadly triangular, ca. 1 mm, fleshy, acute. Flowers slightly fragrant; sepals and petals yellowish green with reddish brown transverse stripes and spots, lip white, spotted with purple-red, spur and another cap yellow; pedicel and ovary yellowish green, ca. 4 mm, sparsely shortly hairy. Dorsal sepal obovate, ca. 6 × 3 mm, obtuse; lateral sepals slightly oblique, obovate-oblong, slightly smaller than dorsal sepal, obtuse. Petals oblanceolate, ca. 5 × 2.3 mm, obtuse; lip slightly 3-lobed; lateral lobes erect, deltoid, very small; mid-lobe reflexed, deltoid, ca. 2 × 2 mm, obtuse, with a short conic projection abaxially, adaxially with many small warts, margin slightly undulate; spur straight, ca. 3 × 2 mm, inside with dense white hairs. Column ca. 1.5 mm, stout, with short hairs; anther cap subspherical; caudicle oblanceolate, ca. 1 mm; viscidium oblong. Capsule cylindric or narrowly fusiform, 4-4.5 cm × 5-6 mm. Fl. Nov, fr. next Mar-Apr. 2n = 38.
Epiphytic on tree trunks in open forests or at forest margins; 700-1200 m. S Yunnan [Bhutan, Cambodia, NE India, Laos, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam].

Abdominae minimiflora

Genus : Abdominea

Family : Orchidaceae
Order : Asparagales
Class : Liliopsida
Kingdom : Plantae

Division :Magnoliophyta

Tribe : Vandeae

Subtribe : Sarcanthinae
Informal Group : Monocot
Other Name :
Synonim :
Abdominea micrantha J.J.Sm.
Gastrochilus minimiflorus (Hook.f.) Kuntze
Saccolabium minimiflorum Hook.f.
Schoenorchis minimiflora (Hook.f.) Ames
Schoenorchis philippinensis Ames

Species Notes : Saccolabium minimiflorum
Species Author : J.J. Smith.
Species Publication :
in Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenz. Ser. II. xxv. 98 (1917)
Status : Accurate
Specimen Detail
record 1
BO Number : BO-44051;
Determination By : Steenis, van (1939-01-01 00:00:00)
Determination Date : 1939-01-01 00:00:00
Collector : Backer, C.A. (1912-12-23 00:01:01)
Collect Date : 1912-12-23 00:01:01
Origin of Collection : wild origin
Status of Collection : present in collections
Phenology : flowering
Sex :
Collection Method : Hand collected
Preservation Method : Herbarium Sheet
Type : holotype
Habit Detail : Lip groen wit, de bloem geelachtig.
Habitat : Oerbosch, boomstam.
Substrate :

Specimen Notes : Holotype of Abdominea minimiflora (Hook.f.) J.J.S. (Orchidaceae).
Local Name :
Latitude : 6° 34' 48'' S
Longitude : 106° 46' 48'' E
Altitude : 400 m

Locality : Bogor (Kab) Jawa, Pulau
Locality Detail : Java, Goeah Gadjah Tji Karangsaat bij Klapa Noenggal (N.O.v. Buitenzorg)
Country : Indonesia

Abdominea genus consists of only one species of rare orchids, Abdominea minimiflora. Orchids are monopodial epiphytes plants that have small flowers. Genus name is derived from the Latin word meaning abdominal peru

These orchids scattered territories du Thailand to the Malay Peninsula, Java and the Philippines.

This Orchid species from Genus name is derived from the Latin word meaning abdominal peru It refers to the similarity between the shape of the labellum (lip) and the shape of the abdomen of an insect.
The species produces very small flowers, about 0.45 cm wide, on a racemose, many-flowered inflorescence

Abdominae minimiflora


How to buy Orchid

Enchantment of orchids as ornamental plants is not irrefutable, the number of species and the beautiful color variations on orchids will confuse the beginner to collect certain kinds of orchids relationship. That way there are some things to keep in mind when we have to decide which ones to orchid we bought orchids are also conditions that we must buy. It is necessary to prevent iini disappointment when orchids are in our environment. Some tips to consider include:

  • Be sure to select orchids as you plan from the home by adjusting the picture and the name of your orchid species have Customize your data with data orchid names listed on the label of interest (be sure to cross the same as your data) .

  • Check the orchid flowers do not wither or dull, fresh orchid flowers look beautiful and healthy. It was difficult to determine criteria for the healthy interest because there is an abundant variety of orchids, there is a curly, there is a sac .

  • Check the condition of the color of the orchid flower visits roots. A little color purple roots will tend to bloom dark (Black, Crimson, Purple) green roots will bloom bright light (white, blue, yellow).

  • Check your orchid plants are attached to the media with good to avoid what we have just cut orchids and then affixed kemedia by merchants.

  • Check and touch the leaves of orchids. Healthy leaves and fresh plant indicate there is a good situation, check there are no spots or mold memempel on stem and leaves, wrinkled leaves indicate too much water or the roots are rotting, bacteria, viruses or fungi would seemingly leaves black at the base .

  • Some simpodial orchid Dendrobium and Cattleya like there will be false on the stem tuber (Pseudobulb). Note, healthy orchids will have pseudo bulbs plump, fleshy and solid.

  • Check the price of orchids when you adjust the fit with the general price at other dealers, or news on the internet.

  • Make sure you keep orchids in accordance with your environment, especially the sun and the altitude orchid life.

Good luck. Some criteria or tips will you need to see details of orchids will you buy through a catalog or information orchid expert.

A quaestion for highlander orchid

Orchid height as other species of orchids need humidity and low light intensity. Excess light will damage the leaves and remove the possibility of new buds. When this was brought to anggrekspecies lower place can mean orchids can survive some serious time and live longer maintained.

Some hobbyists have a lot to try and just miserable when they crushed orchidGlass as a material that produces the evaporation of moisture or may try to reduce the intensity of the light placement in the house orchids can be at all times tried to bring it out to give the required effect photosintesis orchid leaves. This way depends on the humidity and the intensity of the sun where you live.

water circulation under glass or behind glass humidity levels set raising the plants. Waterfalls that wash the glass will be more spread gets orchid plants. If plants are placed on pages with a net may be a leaf with a variety of colors from brown to green was not fresh cut orchid leaves the same color as this orchid be bought fresh. This is useful to grow new shoots. Changing direction is needed for potted orchids refresher whole.

Suggestions and questions from a friend just to try

The death of orchid species habitat

Orchid is a plant that is very beautiful forest. Forest undergrowth is orchid growth media is best fit with the character who did not want aggrek open nature with high solar intensity, especially of orchids that grow with the height above sea level in 1500. From year to year in the world almost all forest damage caused by logging and systematic destruction by many countries for various reasons. Unfortunately tropical forest is the habitat of orchids are developing countries whose governments allow loose with a variety of business and allowed the wood needs.
Indonesia, which is 20% of his life orchids in the world or place of more 5000 species of orchids are the most affected countries by the effects of globalization. Each year millions of hectares of land lying on a barren stretch of the inflamed by the high heat that the sun does not allow orchids live.
With only protect 29 species of orchids native Indonesia is not impossible there are many types of native orchids that are no longer found because of forest destruction. While the government researchers with minimal funds and the extent of forest Indonesia certainly not be able to quickly identify many orchids there.

Vanda Orchid Species Beautiful Colour

Orchid Vanda orchid is one of the well known and many are in our environment. Vanda sensekerta language means "beautiful", the name was given by Sir W. Jones in the year 1795. Vanda orchid species was first discovered in the same year by William Roxburg. Vanda orchid is one of the native orchids come from tropical spread from India, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea until Filifina. And like most tropical plants are capable of blooming orchids all year long as a condition and adequate treatment. Vanda orchids are relatively quite large and beautiful, has a lot of color variations (ex. yellow, purple, red, blue, white, etc.) and generally have freckles beautiful. In addition to beautiful flowers have the diversity of plants vandapun leaf form, namely

1.Vanda pencil-shaped leaves, Vanda is usually live in the land axis (terrestrial) and to get the full light treatment or get sunlight without shade. In some areas of western Java, Vanda species are often also used as a fence. The cultivation of these crops is usually done in a tile-walled trench using the stake as a prop by using a mixture of sawdust medium or coarse bran, shredded coconut fiber and the above media was added manure had been dried in the sun to dry.

2.Vanda pencil-shaped leaf spring, a combination of belt and pencil Vanda, elongated bowl. Generally such Vanda Vanda pencil leaves the program requires full sun.

3.Vanda belt-shaped leaves (like leaves in general), Vanda is different with the two brothers above, usually are epiphytes, or attached to the media or the tree and need a little shade around 30 - 50% light intensity sun. Planting can be directly attached to its roots by using a rope to a tree, and when it was attached to a rope can be fully released. Vanda is also planted in a pot, orchids treated just like any other epiphytes.
Some of Vanda Orchid Species:

Vanda coerulea Lindl

Vanda tricolor Lindl

Vanda sanderiana

Month Orchid Growing Healthy

The beauty of orchids in it no doubt. Thanks to its beauty, the butterfly orchid incarnated as a prima donna nickname orchid business in Indonesia. But what would happen if these orchids will not bloom or only bloom once, and after that "cranky" is no longer flowering. Feelings of anger and disappointment will ampur mixed together.
Another problem arises, when no flowers, orchids months we do not radiate beauty as expected. His condition seemed quite fresh and healthy at the roots, stems, leaves or flowers. All that comes from the way a less appropriate treatment.
"What about caring for orchids in the same way we take care of Dendrobium?." There are some things we need to know that plants need to grow fresh and healthy.
As plants epiphytes, orchids months of his life in the wild is always hampered by the branch or branches. "Orchid species only the intensity of the sun takes approximately 20 to 50 percent." Excess light will damage the plants orchids
. Symptoms of burning will be seen mainly in the leaves exposed to direct sunlight. Symptoms are usually marked with reddish brown liquid on the surface of the leaf.
less light, the influence on the growth of orchids in a not good. Leaves will wilt, yellow, pale and fell. "To get the low light, shade nets paranet pairs,". Or, just stick to orchids on a large tree trunk and place it in the east. Good morning sun for growth.
Orchid has a relative humidity (humidity ratio) is high, ie 60 to 80 percent. But the beautiful flowering orchids are not like the air is too wet. If too humid air will trigger bud rot disease and leaf. Orchids grow well in temperate 13 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius at night and 18 degrees Celsius to 21 degrees Celsius (day).
Orchid just sucks the moisture not to inhale water to maintain soil moisture using a natural way with the surrounding area membahasi
Orchid month will grow best when water needs provided for. The frequency of watering and the amount given depends on the type and size of plant size and environmental conditions, ". Plants that are actively growing obviously need more water than they already flowering orchids.
The water should contain minerals, pH neutral and is available throughout the year. In addition to regulating the process of photosynthesis, water can also regulate the temperature conditions.
Usually watering at least made orchid months twice a day. Once dry, the frequency of three times plus. Ideally,watering done in the morning around 09.00 and 07:00 until 16:00-18:00 (afternoon).
Problem watering right, now see the rules in the cultivation of orchids. There are many ways cultivate orchids. Fertilization is now mostly done through the leaves,
Because the leaves can absorb about 90% of the fertilizer, the roots absorb only 10%. In addition, the nutrients in the manure will be faster through the network to leave the body through a vein or cuticle.
NPK fertilization using nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). With the concentration of N of about 60%. Stepping young age, given a fertilizer plant with a concentration of N: P: K is comparable to 30 percent.
Already flowering period, the element P dominance changed to 60%.
Perform replacement planting media on a regular basis to maintain growth and optimum flowering orchids month. Also useful eliminate ants gnawing pests tunas.Untuk accelerate flowering orchids can be done in various ways. Name the day of treatment, low temperature, giving substance to grow and control the light intensity settings are most important.

Cymbidium hartinahianum, anggrek hartinah


Cymbid is one of the various types of plants and the genus Cymbidium having narrow leaves and long ducked a bunch of flowers with a striking variety of colors boat-shaped. Hybridization and widely cultivated as a crop and an important collection for the Florists'
Cymbidium hartinahianum, anggrek hartinah
Cymbidium plants hartinahianum a "highlander". Namely around the height of more than 1500m above sea level. Habitat is in the open field. Like plant occupies higlander extreme temperature difference between day and night.
This is a difficult development of the collectors and hobbyists
required adequate greenhouse with high technology to maintain and membanyakan orchid species.
Error care will only destroy this species.
Orchid species living around the Bukit Barisan Mountains that stretch from North to South. North Sumatra
Cymbidium Hartinahianum, orchid Hartinah

LIPI Discover New Orchid Species in Flores

Home to Orchid world
Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) announced a new orchid species from the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, which is named Dendrobium floresianum.

LIPI researchers orchids, Destario Metusala, the Kebon Raya Puwodadi, East Java, Monday (22 / 6), say, publication name the new orchid species that was broadcast on The Orchid Review, England, a journal of orchids widely read internationally.

According Destario Metusala, orchid species naming was the result of her research with researchers Singapore, O'Byrne, for three years, ever since they found that flower in 2006. Flowers accidentally found it, according to him, has the closest relatives of orchid species of D. obrienianum from the Philippines.

Time for three years, said Destario, required to perform various scientific measures for this orchid species, including the identification process to ensure that the orchids species are different from relatives in the same genus.

According to him, now is the time to introduce to the public within the country of origin of new species of Indonesia.

"To develop this Orchid species of Dendrobium floresianum easy to do because, although found in mountainous areas, this interest rate adjust to the lower regions of origin humidity enough," he said.

Orchid's flowering period in April-May, September-October, and January. Dendrobium floresianum like region with a smooth air circulation, with a range of light up to 50 percent 70 percent. Mentioned, like other Orchid species of Dendrobium, orchids floresianum highly susceptible to pest attack.

Jenis jenis anggrek hutan tropis

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KAntong semar
Semar, or better known by the scientific name Nepenthes spp, used as one of the ornamental plant because of its uniqueness. The uniqueness of this type lies in the tip-shaped leaves into a bag with a lid dibagian it. The function of this screw-top bag is to attract and trap insects, and Semar disekitarnya.Kantong animal has the form, style, size and color variety, so it has high artistic value ayng. This is what makes IN NATURE has great potential as an ornamental plant but other plants that have been popular dibudidayakan.Di Indonesia, poetensi is still very little used, even though Indonesia is the distribution center in the world PLANTS. Abroad, PLANTS use as an ornamental plant is very popular, even hundreds of hybrid has been produced which would increase the variation pattern bag that has a unique ada.Kantong Semar addition, it also has other benefits that can be used as traditional medicine. Fluid in the pouch young can be used as a close eye medicines, cough, and treat the burned skin, but that feeling leaves or roots can be used as a refreshing solution, and boiled roots as an upset stomach, disnetri, coughing and having demam.Kantong Semar spread from southern China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Madagascar, Australia, New Caledonia, India to Sri Lanka, most species are in Indonesia, namely the island of Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo). Eighty-six of the existing PLANTS world, including 64 species found in Indonesia. Borneo (Kalimantan, Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei) is the distribution center in the world PLANTS, because here lived about 32 species IN PLANTS. Type - the type found in not including natural and hybrid species is more than baru.Saat IN PLANTS 280 hybrid has been produced, of which 193 came from two parent and not less than 34 species are used as the main crossing. Several types of bags are highly adaptable Semar and more tolerant of various environmental conditions among others: Nepenthes gracilis, N. Mirabilis, N. Reinwardtiana, and N. Raflesiana. Propagation seeds PLANTS generally can be done with stem cuttings, seeds and saplings to separate.

Orchids Name (species name)

1 Abdominea minimiflora
2 Acanthophippium splendidum
3 Acoridium mindanaense
4 Adenoncos burnensis
5 Adenoncos celebicus
6 Adenoncos elongata
7 Adenoncos nasonioides
8 Adenoncos sumatrana
9 Adenoncos uniflora
10 Adenoncos vivax
11 Adenostylis vanoverberghii
12 Aglossorhyncha biflora
13 Aglossorhyncha fruticicola
14 Aglossorhyncha jabiensis
15 Aglossorhyncha longicaulis
16 Agrostophyllum appendiculoides
17 Agrostophyllum brachiatum
18 Agrostophyllum celebicum
19 Agrostophyllum confusum
20 Agrostophyllum costatum
21 Agrostophyllum curvilabre
22 Agrostophyllum cyclopense
23 Agrostophyllum denbergeri
24 Agrostophyllum djaratense
25 Agrostophyllum dolichophyllum
26 Agrostophyllum fibrosum
27 Agrostophyllum graminifolium
28 Agrostophyllum indifferens
29 Agrostophyllum lamellatum
30 Agrostophyllum latilobum
31 Agrostophyllum laxum
32 Agrostophyllum longifolium
33 Agrostophyllum macrocephalum
34 Agrostophyllum malindangensis
35 Agrostophyllum mearnsii
36 Agrostophyllum mucronatum
37 Agrostophyllum oliganthum
38 Agrostophyllum paniculatum
39 Agrostophyllum parviflorum
40 Agrostophyllum patentissimum
41 Agrostophyllum philippinense
42 Agrostophyllum portamophila
43 Agrostophyllum seranicum
44 Agrostophyllum spicatum
45 Agrostophyllum sumatranum
46 Agrostophyllum superpesitum
47 Agrostophyllum tenue
48 Agrostophyllum trifidum
49 Agrostophyllum uniflorum
50 Agrostophyllum vanhulstijnii
51 Agrostophyllum ventricosum
52 Ania borneensis
53 Anoectochilus longicalcaratus
54 Anoectochilus longicaratus
55 Aphyllorchis angustipetala
56 Aphyllorchis arfakensis
57 Aphyllorchis sumatrana
58 Apostasia elliptica
59 Apostasia odorata
60 Apostasia wallichii
61 Appendicula applicata
62 Appendicula biloba
63 Appendicula borneensis
64 Appendicula brevimentum
65 Appendicula buxifolia
66 Appendicula calcicola
67 Appendicula callifera
68 Appendicula celebica
69 Appendicula cleistogama
70 Appendicula cristata
71 Appendicula dajakorum
72 Appendicula damusensis
73 Appendicula dendrobioides
74 Appendicula elegans
75 Appendicula elmeri
76 Appendicula fasciculata
77 Appendicula foliosa
78 Appendicula furfuracea
79 Appendicula gjellerupii
80 Appendicula infundibuliformis
81 Appendicula kinabaluensis
82 Appendicula latibracteata
83 Appendicula latilabium
84 Appendicula laxifolia
85 Appendicula linearifolia
86 Appendicula linearis
87 Appendicula longipedunculata
88 Appendicula longirostrata
89 Appendicula macrophylla
90 Appendicula merrillii
91 Appendicula palustris
92 Appendicula patentissima
93 Appendicula pendula
94 Appendicula pilosa
95 Appendicula podochiloidis
96 Appendicula polita
97 Appendicula purpureifolia
98 Appendicula recandita
99 Appendicula reflexa
100 Appendicula rostrata
101 Appendicula rubens
102 Appendicula schlechteri
103 Appendicula seranica
104 Appendicula spathilabris
105 Appendicula stengelii
106 Appendicula verruculosa
107 Arachnis longicaulis
108 Arundina maculata
109 Arundina revoluta
110 Ascocentrum aureum
111 Ascoglossum calopterum
112 Bromheadia alticola
113 Bromheadia borneensis
114 Bromheadia coomansii
115 Bromheadia crassiflora
116 Bromheadia divaricata
117 Bromheadia finlaysoniana
118 Bulbophyllum absconditum
119 Bulbophyllum acropogon
120 Bulbophyllum acuminatifolium
121 Bulbophyllum acutilingue
122 Bulbophyllum adenoplephoron
123 Bulbophyllum aeolium
124 Bulbophyllum alkmaarense
125 Bulbophyllum alsiosum
126 Bulbophyllum amdjahii
127 Bulbophyllum anguipes
128 Bulbophyllum angulatum
129 Bulbophyllum antennatum
130 Bulbophyllum apodum
131 Bulbophyllum ardjunense
132 Bulbophyllum armeniacum
133 Bulbophyllum arsoanum
134 Bulbophyllum aspersum
135 Bulbophyllum asperulum
136 Bulbophyllum atjehense
137 Bulbophyllum atratum
138 Bulbophyllum bacilliferum
139 Bulbophyllum balapinense
140 Bulbophyllum bambusifolium
141 Bulbophyllum bantaengense
142 Bulbophyllum batukanense
143 Bulbophyllum betchei
144 Bulbophyllum bicolor
145 Bulbophyllum binnendijkii
146 Bulbophyllum blumei
147 Bulbophyllum brantaengense
148 Bulbophyllum bulliferum
149 Bulbophyllum caecilii
150 Bulbophyllum caecum
151 Bulbophyllum callichroma
152 Bulbophyllum callipes
153 Bulbophyllum campanulatum
154 Bulbophyllum canlaoense
155 Bulbophyllum capilligerum
156 Bulbophyllum caulliferum
157 Bulbophyllum cavibulbum
158 Bulbophyllum centrosemiflorum
159 Bulbophyllum cerambyx
160 Bulbophyllum cerastostylis
171 Bulbophyllum corolliferum
172 Bulbophyllum crassinervium
173 Bulbophyllum crocodilus
174 Bulbophyllum cruciatum
175 Bulbophyllum cruciferum
176 Bulbophyllum cryptanthum
177 Bulbophyllum cuppressus
178 Bulbophyllum cuspidipetalum
179 Bulbophyllum cycloglossum
180 Bulbophyllum cyclophoroides
181 Bulbophyllum cylindrobulbum
182 Bulbophyllum cylopense
183 Bulbophyllum dasyphyllum
184 Bulbophyllum decurvulum
185 Bulbophyllum dekockii
186 Bulbophyllum dempoense
187 Bulbophyllum dendrobioides
188 Bulbophyllum desmotrichoides
189 Bulbophyllum dichotomum
190 Bulbophyllum digoelense
191 Bulbophyllum diploncos
192 Bulbophyllum disjunctum
193 Bulbophyllum distans
194 Bulbophyllum doctersii
195 Bulbophyllum dolichoblepharon
196 Bulbophyllum dubium
197 Bulbophyllum ecornutum
198 Bulbophyllum elbertii
199 Bulbophyllum elephantinum
200 Bulbophyllum ellipticifolium
201 Bulbophyllum ellipticum
202 Bulbophyllum elmeri
203 Bulbophyllum ensiculiferum
204 Bulbophyllum erinaceum
205 Bulbophyllum erratum
206 Bulbophyllum exiguum
207 Bulbophyllum farinulentum
208 Bulbophyllum fenestratum
209 Bulbophyllum fibrinum
210 Bulbophyllum fibrosum
211 Bulbophyllum fissibrachium
212 Bulbophyllum flavescens
213 Bulbophyllum flavicolor
214 Bulbophyllum flavofimbriatum
215 Bulbophyllum foetidum
216 Bulbophyllum fractiflexum
217 Bulbophyllum fruticicula
218 Bulbophyllum gajoense
219 Bulbophyllum gallichenum
220 Bulbophyllum gautierense
221 Bulbophyllum geniculiferum
222 Bulbophyllum gibbilingue
223 Bulbophyllum gibbosum
224 Bulbophyllum giriwoense
225 Bulbophyllum gjellerupii
226 Bulbophyllum gneocentrum
227 Bulbophyllum gomphreniflorum
228 Bulbophyllum gracile
229 Bulbophyllum graciliscapum
230 Bulbophyllum groeneveldtii
231 Bulbophyllum guamense
232 Bulbophyllum gusdorfii
233 Bulbophyllum hahlianum
234 Bulbophyllum hamatipes
235 Bulbophyllum hians
236 Bulbophyllum hirtulum
237 Bulbophyllum hortense
238 Bulbophyllum humiligibbum
239 Bulbophyllum hystricinum
240 Bulbophyllum idenburgense
241 Bulbophyllum igneum
242 Bulbophyllum imbricans
243 Bulbophyllum imitator
244 Bulbophyllum infundibuliforme
245 Bulbophyllum inunctum
246 Bulbophyllum ischnopus
247 Bulbophyllum jacobsonii
248 Bulbophyllum javanicum
249 Bulbophyllum jensenii
250 Bulbophyllum kemulense
251 Bulbophyllum kirrhoanthum
252 Bulbophyllum kjellbergii
253 Bulbophyllum klabatense
254 Bulbophyllum korthalsii
255 Bulbophyllum lancifolium
256 Bulbophyllum lancipetalum
257 Bulbophyllum languidum
258 Bulbophyllum latibrachiatum
259 Bulbophyllum latipes
260 Bulbophyllum latisedes
261 Bulbophyllum laxiflorum
262 Bulbophyllum laxum
263 Bulbophyllum lemniscatoides
264 Bulbophyllum lepidum
265 Bulbophyllum leysianum
266 Bulbophyllum leytense
267 Bulbophyllum ligulifolium
268 Bulbophyllum lineariflorum
269 Bulbophyllum linggense
270 Bulbophyllum lobbii
271 Bulbophyllum longerepens
272 Bulbophyllum longhutense
273 Bulbophyllum longipetiolatum
274 Bulbophyllum lorentzianum
275 Bulbophyllum lumbriciforme
276 Bulbophyllum luteo-purpureum
277 Bulbophyllum macgregorii
278 Bulbophyllum macrobillum
279 Bulbophyllum macrourum
280 Bulbophyllum mamberamense
281 Bulbophyllum melinanthum
282 Bulbophyllum melinoglossum
283 Bulbophyllum meliphagirostum
284 Bulbophyllum melliferum
285 Bulbophyllum mesodon
286 Bulbophyllum microsphaerum
287 Bulbophyllum mimiense
288 Bulbophyllum mindanaense
289 Bulbophyllum mirabile
290 Bulbophyllum montanum
291 Bulbophyllum moroides
292 Bulbophyllum morotaiense
293 Bulbophyllum mucronatum
294 Bulbophyllum muricatum
295 Bulbophyllum murkelense
296 Bulbophyllum nasica
297 Bulbophyllum nebularum
298 Bulbophyllum nematocaulon
299 Bulbophyllum neo-guineense
300 Bulbophyllum niveum
301 Bulbophyllum nummularioides
302 Bulbophyllum obscurum
303 Bulbophyllum obtusum
304 Bulbophyllum ochroleucum
305 Bulbophyllum octarrhenipetalum
306 Bulbophyllum odoratum
307 Bulbophyllum oeneum
308 Bulbophyllum orbiculare
309 Bulbophyllum oreodoxa
310 Bulbophyllum otochilum
311 Bulbophyllum ovatitepalum
312 Bulbophyllum ovatolanceatum
313 Bulbophyllum oxyanthum
314 Bulbophyllum pachyueuran
315 Bulbophyllum pakapindjangense
316 Bulbophyllum palilabre
317 Bulbophyllum papillosum
318 Bulbophyllum papuliferum
319 Bulbophyllum paucisetum
320 Bulbophyllum peltopus
321 Bulbophyllum penduliscapum
322 Bulbophyllum peramoenum
323 Bulbophyllum perductum
324 Bulbophyllum perforans
325 Bulbophyllum perpendiculare
326 Bulbophyllum petiolatum
327 Bulbophyllum phaeanthum
328 Bulbophyllum phaeglossum
329 Bulbophyllum phalaenopsis
330 Bulbophyllum polyanthum
331 Bulbophyllum polypodioides
332 Bulbophyllum posticum
333 Bulbophyllum pristis
334 Bulbophyllum profusum
335 Bulbophyllum pseudofilicaule
336 Bulbophyllum pseudofolicaule
337 Bulbophyllum psilorhopalon
338 Bulbophyllum pugioniforme
339 Bulbophyllum puntjakense
340 Bulbophyllum quadrangulare
341 Bulbophyllum quadrifalciculatum
342 Bulbophyllum rajanum
343 Bulbophyllum rectilabre
344 Bulbophyllum refractilingue
345 Bulbophyllum rhizomatosum
346 Bulbophyllum rigidifilum
347 Bulbophyllum riparium
348 Bulbophyllum romburghii
349 Bulbophyllum rubiferum
350 Bulbophyllum rugosum
351 Bulbophyllum rugulosum
352 Bulbophyllum rupestre
353 Bulbophyllum savaiense
354 Bulbophyllum schefferi
355 Bulbophyllum semipellucidum
356 Bulbophyllum serrulatifolium
357 Bulbophyllum siamense
358 Bulbophyllum sopoetanense
359 Bulbophyllum spathilingue
360 Bulbophyllum speciosum
361 Bulbophyllum stabile
362 Bulbophyllum stelis
363 Bulbophyllum stictosepalum
364 Bulbophyllum stipulaceum
365 Bulbophyllum stormii
366 Bulbophyllum stramineum
367 Bulbophyllum subapetalum
368 Bulbophyllum subuliferum
369 Bulbophyllum tahanense
370 Bulbophyllum tapirus
371 Bulbophyllum tectipetalum
372 Bulbophyllum tentaculiferum
373 Bulbophyllum teretilabre
374 Bulbophyllum theunissenii
375 Bulbophyllum thrixspermiflorum
376 Bulbophyllum tjadasmalangense
377 Bulbophyllum toranum
378 Bulbophyllum tricanaliferum
379 Bulbophyllum trifilum
380 Bulbophyllum trigonidioides
381 Bulbophyllum trigonobulbum
382 Bulbophyllum trinervium
383 Bulbophyllum truncatum
384 Bulbophyllum undatilabre
385 Bulbophyllum undecifilum
386 Bulbophyllum unitubum
387 Bulbophyllum univenum
388 Bulbophyllum vanoverberghii
389 Bulbophyllum versteegii
390 Bulbophyllum viscidum
391 Bulbophyllum werneri
392 Bulbophyllum winckelii
393 Bulbophyllum xantochlamys
394 Cadetia chionantha
395 Cadetia citrina
396 Cadetia umbellata
397 Calanthe arfakana
398 Calanthe aureiflora
399 Calanthe bicalcarata
400 Calanthe caulescens
401 Calanthe chrysantha
402 Calanthe chrysoglossoides
403 Calanthe clavicalvar
404 Calanthe engleriana
405 Calanthe flava
406 Calanthe gracilis
407 Calanthe inflata
408 Calanthe kaniensis
409 Calanthe lacerata
410 Calanthe leucosceptrum
411 Calanthe moluccensis
412 Calanthe papuana
413 Calanthe pusilla
414 Calanthe reconditiflora
415 Calanthe reflexilabris
416 Calanthe ruttenii
417 Calanthe salaccensis
418 Calanthe taenioides
419 Calanthe transiens
420 Calanthe truncata
421 Calanthe tunensis
422 Calanthe undulata
423 Calanthe varians
424 Calanthe veratrifolia
425 Calanthe versteegii
426 Calochilus caeruleus
427 Calymmanthera montana
428 Calymmanthera paniculata
429 Calymmanthera tenuis
430 Ceratostylis albiflora
431 Ceratostylis alpina
432 Ceratostylis arfakensis
433 Ceratostylis backeri
434 Ceratostylis baliensis
435 Ceratostylis brevicostata
436 Ceratostylis clavata
437 Ceratostylis compressicaulis
438 Ceratostylis crassifolia
439 Ceratostylis crassipetala
440 Ceratostylis curvimentum
441 Ceratostylis dischorensis
442 Ceratostylis ficinioides
443 Ceratostylis flavescens
444 Ceratostylis humilis
445 Ceratostylis hydrophila
446 Ceratostylis jacobsonii
447 Ceratostylis javanica
448 Ceratostylis kaniensis
449 Ceratostylis latipetala
450 Ceratostylis latuensis
451 Ceratostylis leucantha
452 Ceratostylis lombasangensis
453 Ceratostylis longicaulis
454 Ceratostylis longifolia
455 Ceratostylis longipes
456 Ceratostylis maboroensis
457 Ceratostylis macra
458 Ceratostylis malbesiensis
459 Ceratostylis malintangensis
460 Ceratostylis mamberamensis
461 Ceratostylis micrantha
462 Ceratostylis muscicola
463 Ceratostylis parciflora
464 Ceratostylis parvifolia
465 Ceratostylis phaeochlamys
466 Ceratostylis piepersii
467 Ceratostylis ramosa
468 Ceratostylis rivularis
469 Ceratostylis scirpoides
470 Ceratostylis selebensis
471 Ceratostylis sima
472 Ceratostylis simplex
473 Ceratostylis steenisii
474 Ceratostylis tricallifera
475 Ceratostylis trilobilata
476 Ceratostylis trinodis
477 Ceratostylis vagans
478 Ceratostylis vonroemeri
479 Ceratostylis wenzelii
480 Chamaeanthus brachystachys
481 Cheirostylis bidentata
482 Cheirostylis spathulata
483 Chelonistele brevilamellata
484 Chelonistele ingloria
485 Chelonistele sulphurea
486 Cleisostoma bicorne
487 Cleisostoma crassissimum
488 Cleisostoma koordersii
489 Cleisostoma orientale
490 Cleisostoma schlecteri
491 Cleisostoma truncatum
492 Codetia aprinoides
493 Coelogyne acutilabium
494 Coelogyne bicamerata
495 Coelogyne buennemeyeri
496 Coelogyne calcarata
497 Coelogyne clemensii
498 Coelogyne endertii
499 Coelogyne fragrans
500 Coelogyne longibulbosa
501 Coelogyne longirachis
502 Coelogyne malintangensis
503 Coelogyne merrillii
504 Coelogyne peltastes
505 Coelogyne pholidotoides
506 Coelogyne plicatissima
507 Coelogyne radioferens
508 Coelogyne steenisii
509 Coelogyne sumatrana
510 Coelogyne testacea
511 Coelogyne trilobulata
512 Coelogyne undatialata
513 Coelogyne vagans
514 Corybas calliferus
515 Corybas johannis
516 Corybas pictus
517 Corymbis angustissima
518 Corymbis batjanica
519 Corymbis exaltata
520 Corymbis rhytidocarpa
521 Corymborkis parviflora
522 Corymborkis tropidiifolia
523 Corymborkis veratrifolia
524 Corysanthes bancana
525 Corysanthes carinata
526 Corysanthes gastrosiphon
527 Crinonia carnea
528 Cryptostylis acutata
529 Cryptostylis apiculata
530 Cryptostylis conspicua
531 Cryptostylis fulva
532 Cymbidium atropurpureum
533 Cymbidium hartinahianum
534 Cyperorchis rosea
535 Cyphochilus parvifolius
536 Cyphochilus rivularis
537 Cypripedium margaritaceum
538 Cystorchis aberrans
539 Cystorchis celebica
540 Cystorchis dentifera
541 Cystorchis saccosepala
542 Dendrobium aberrans
543 Dendrobium acuminatissimum
544 Dendrobium acuminatissinum
545 Dendrobium acutilobum
546 Dendrobium acutisepalum
547 Dendrobium ambotiense
548 Dendrobium angustipetalum
549 Dendrobium angustispatha
550 Dendrobium appendicula
551 Dendrobium appendiculoides
552 Dendrobium araneum
553 Dendrobium aratriferum
554 Dendrobium arcuatum
555 Dendrobium argienae
556 Dendrobium aridum
557 Dendrobium aries
558 Dendrobium aromaticum
559 Dendrobium atavus
560 Dendrobium atjehense
561 Dendrobium atrosanguineum
562 Dendrobium auricolor
563 Dendrobium axillare
564 Dendrobium barisanum
565 Dendrobium bidentiferum
566 Dendrobium bihamulatum
567 Dendrobium bipulvillatum
568 Dendrobium brevibulbum
569 Dendrobium brevicaule
570 Dendrobium brevicolle
571 Dendrobium brevilabium
572 Dendrobium breviungue
573 Dendrobium cadetiiflorum
574 Dendrobium cadetioides
575 Dendrobium capituliflorum
576 Dendrobium carinulatidiscum
577 Dendrobium cavipes
578 Dendrobium cellulosum
579 Dendrobium centrale
580 Dendrobium cervicaliferum
581 Dendrobium clausum
582 Dendrobium cochleatum
583 Dendrobium codonosepalum
584 Dendrobium compressicaule
585 Dendrobium compressicolle
586 Dendrobium compressistylum
587 Dendrobium concavum
588 Dendrobium confluens
589 Dendrobium confusum
590 Dendrobium conicum
591 Dendrobium connexicostatum
592 Dendrobium consanguineum
593 Dendrobium constrictum
594 Dendrobium convexipes
595 Dendrobium corrugatilobum
596 Dendrobium crenatifolium
597 Dendrobium crenatilabre
598 Dendrobium crenulatum
599 Dendrobium crepidiferum
600 Dendrobium crumenatum
601 Dendrobium cucculiferum
602 Dendrobium cucullitepalum
603 Dendrobium cultratum
604 Dendrobium cultriforme
605 Dendrobium cyclobulbon
606 Dendrobium cylindricum
607 Dendrobium decumbens
608 Dendrobium dekockii
609 Dendrobium delicatulum
610 Dendrobium dempoense
611 Dendrobium dendrocolla
612 Dendrobium dichaeoides
613 Dendrobium dilatatocolle
614 Dendrobium dillonianum
615 Dendrobium dionaeoides
616 Dendrobium disoides
617 Dendrobium ditschiense
618 Dendrobium djamuense
619 Dendrobium dryadum
620 Dendrobium elmeri
621 Dendrobium endertii
622 Dendrobium erectifolium
623 Dendrobium eriiflorum
624 Dendrobium eriopexis
625 Dendrobium escritorii
626 Dendrobium excavatum
627 Dendrobium exculplum
628 Dendrobium exsculptum
629 Dendrobium faciferum
630 Dendrobium filiforme
631 Dendrobium fimbrilabium
632 Dendrobium flagellum
633 Dendrobium fomicatum
634 Dendrobium franssenianum
635 Dendrobium fruticicola
636 Dendrobium fulgens
637 Dendrobium fulgescens
638 Dendrobium furfuriferum
639 Dendrobium gatiense
640 Dendrobium geotropum
641 Dendrobium giriwoense
642 Dendrobium gjellerupii
643 Dendrobium glaucoviride
644 Dendrobium glebulosum
645 Dendrobium grastidioides
646 Dendrobium grootingsii
647 Dendrobium grossum
648 Dendrobium guamense
649 Dendrobium gueneveldii
650 Dendrobium guttulatum
651 Dendrobium habbemense
652 Dendrobium hallieri
653 Dendrobium halmaheirense
654 Dendrobium hamadryas
655 Dendrobium herpethophytum
656 Dendrobium hollandianum
657 Dendrobium horstii
658 Dendrobium humboldtense
659 Dendrobium hymenopetalum
660 Dendrobium igneum
661 Dendrobium imbricatum
662 Dendrobium imitans
663 Dendrobium inconspicuiflorum
664 Dendrobium incurvociliatum
665 Dendrobium indragiriense
666 Dendrobium informe
667 Dendrobium infractum
668 Dendrobium ingratum
669 Dendrobium inopinatum
670 Dendrobium insigne
671 Dendrobium isthmiferum
672 Dendrobium jabiense
673 Dendrobium janowskii
674 Dendrobium juttatum
675 Dendrobium kenepaiense
676 Dendrobium kentrophyllum
677 Dendrobium kianense
678 Dendrobium koordersii
679 Dendrobium kruiense
680 Dendrobium labongense
681 Dendrobium lamii
682 Dendrobium lampobatangense
683 Dendrobium lamproglossum
684 Dendrobium lancilabium
685 Dendrobium lasianthera
686 Dendrobium lawaiense
687 Dendrobium leopardinum
688 Dendrobium lineale
689 Dendrobium liparidiflorum
690 Dendrobium lockhartioides
691 Dendrobium loesenerianum
692 Dendrobium longipecten
693 Dendrobium longirepens
694 Dendrobium lucidum
695 Dendrobium macraci
696 Dendrobium macrophyllum
697 Dendrobium macrostigma
698 Dendrobium maliliense
699 Dendrobium marginatum
700 Dendrobium masarangense
701 Dendrobium mayrii
702 Dendrobium mellicolor
703 Dendrobium mindanaense
704 Dendrobium minimun
705 Dendrobium minjemense
706 Dendrobium montisepalum
707 Dendrobium morotaiense
708 Dendrobium multicostatum
709 Dendrobium murkelense,
710 Dendrobium nardoides
711 Dendrobium neuroglossum
712 Dendrobium niveopurpureum
713 Dendrobium obcordatum
714 Dendrobium obcuneatum
715 Dendrobium obliguum
716 Dendrobium obovatum
717 Dendrobium odontopus
718 Dendrobium orbiculare
719 Dendrobium oreodoxa
720 Dendrobium oreogenum
721 Dendrobium ostrinum
722 Dendrobium otaguroanum
723 Dendrobium pantherinum
724 Dendrobium papillilabium,
725 Dendrobium papuanum
726 Dendrobium papyraceum
727 Dendrobium paspalifolium
728 Dendrobium patentilobum
729 Dendrobium patentissimum
730 Dendrobium peculiare
731 Dendrobium pedicellatum
732 Dendrobium pentapterum
733 Dendrobium pergracile
734 Dendrobium perlongum
735 Dendrobium philippinense
736 Dendrobium phlox
737 Dendrobium picstocaulos
738 Dendrobium pictum
739 Dendrobium platyclinoides
740 Dendrobium plumilobum
741 Dendrobium pluricostatum
742 Dendrobium podochiloides
743 Dendrobium pogonantherum
744 Dendrobium polyschistum
745 Dendrobium poneroides
746 Dendrobium prostheciglossum
747 Dendrobium pseudo-umbellatum
748 Dendrobium pulleanum
749 Dendrobium quadriferum
750 Dendrobium quinquecallosum
751 Dendrobium quinquecaudatum
752 Dendrobium quinquedentatum
753 Dendrobium rachmatii
754 Dendrobium rajanum
755 Dendrobium rantii
756 Dendrobium rappardii
757 Dendrobium reflexibarbatulum
758 Dendrobium remiforme
759 Dendrobium remotisepalum
760 Dendrobium rhombloglossum
761 Dendrobium rhytidothece
762 Dendrobium rindjaniense
763 Dendrobium riparium
764 Dendrobium roseo-flavidum
765 Dendrobium rubropictum
766 Dendrobium rugulosum
767 Dendrobium sacculiferum
768 Dendrobium salhutuense
769 Dendrobium sarcodes
770 Dendrobium sarcophyllum
771 Dendrobium schistoglossum
772 Dendrobium scopula
773 Dendrobium scotiiferum
774 Dendrobium seranicum
775 Dendrobium siberutense
776 Dendrobium smilliae
777 Dendrobium squamiferum
778 Dendrobium squarrosum
779 Dendrobium stelidiiferum
780 Dendrobium stelliferum
781 Dendrobium striatiflorum
782 Dendrobium subelobatum
783 Dendrobium subpandifolium
784 Dendrobium subpetiolatum
785 Dendrobium subserratum
786 Dendrobium subsessile
787 Dendrobium taeniophyllum
788 Dendrobium talaudense
789 Dendrobium textile
790 Dendrobium toadjanum
791 Dendrobium toxopei
792 Dendrobium triangulum
793 Dendrobium triste
794 Dendrobium tubiflorum
795 Dendrobium tunatense
796 Dendrobium undatialatum
797 Dendrobium validicolla
798 Dendrobium validicolle
799 Dendrobium validipecten
800 Dendrobium vanhulstynii
801 Dendrobium vanleeuwenii
802 Dendrobium vannouhuysii
803 Dendrobium vexillarius
804 Dendrobium villosipes
805 Dendrobium violaceo-pictum
806 Dendrobium violaceum
807 Dendrobium xantholeucum
808 Dendrochilum abortum
809 Dendrochilum acuminatum
810 Dendrochilum adpressibulbum
811 Dendrochilum aduncilobum
812 Dendrochilum alatum
813 Dendrochilum ambangense
814 Dendrochilum appendiculatum
815 Dendrochilum atjehense
816 Dendrochilum bigibbosum
817 Dendrochilum cinnabarium
818 Dendrochilum decipiens
819 Dendrochilum edentulum
820 Dendrochilum elegans
821 Dendrochilum elmeri
822 Dendrochilum eymae
823 Dendrochilum fimbrilobum
824 Dendrochilum foxworthyi
825 Dendrochilum fruticicola
826 Dendrochilum furfuraceum
827 Dendrochilum hastatum
828 Dendrochilum hewittii
829 Dendrochilum irigense
830 Dendrochilum kabense
831 Dendrochilum longicaule
832 Dendrochilum longifolium
833 Dendrochilum lucbanense
834 Dendrochilum macgregorii
835 Dendrochilum mantis
836 Dendrochilum marginatum
837 Dendrochilum microscopicum
838 Dendrochilum ophiopogonoides
839 Dendrochilum perplexum
840 Dendrochilum philippinense
841 Dendrochilum purpureum
842 Dendrochilum quadrilobum
843 Dendrochilum quinguelobum
844 Dendrochilum quinquangulare
845 Dendrochilum stenophyllum
846 Dendrochilum talamanense
847 Dendrochilum tardum
848 Dendrochilum truncatum
849 Dendrochilum unicallosum
850 Dendrochilum viridifusum
851 Dendrochilum wenzelii
852 Didymoplexis minor
853 Didymoplexis papuana
854 Didymoplexis striata
855 Didymoplexis trichechus
856 Dilochia gracilis
857 Diplocaulobium fariniferum
858 Diplocaulobium mischobulbum
859 Diplocaulobium regale
860 Diplocaulobium xanthocaulon
861 Dipodium conduplicatum
862 Dipodium elatum
863 Dipodium feviellii
864 Dipodium pandanum
865 Disperis javanica
866 Dryadorchis singularis
867 Epidendrum lineare
868 Eria amboinensis
869 Eria amplectens
870 Eria bengkulensis
871 Eria bogoriensis
872 Eria brachiata
873 Eria bracteata
874 Eria brevirachis
875 Eria burnensis
876 Eria carnosula
877 Eria celebica
878 Eria chrysantha
879 Eria chrysocardium
880 Eria clemensiae
881 Eria collina
882 Eria compressa
883 Eria consanguinea
884 Eria cordifera
885 Eria decurrentipetala
886 Eria diphylla
887 Eria ediensis
888 Eria erosula
889 Eria fimbriloba
890 Eria flexuosa
891 Eria gautierensis
892 Eria glabrifolia
893 Eria hollandiae
894 Eria imbricata
895 Eria integra
896 Eria iodantha
897 Eria karikonyensis
898 Eria koordersii
899 Eria lacinulata
900 Eria lamellata
901 Eria lasiorhiza
902 Eria latifrons
903 Eria leytensis
904 Eria longicruris
905 Eria macera
906 Eria macgregorii
907 Eria molleimentum
908 Eria murkelensis
909 Eria nieuwenhuisii
910 Eria oberoniiflora
911 Eria obliterata
912 Eria opeatoloba
913 Eria padangensis
914 Eria palmifolia
915 Eria paludosa
916 Eria peraffinis
917 Eria perspicabilis
918 Eria philippinensis
919 Eria piruensis
920 Eria rhodolenca
921 Eria thomsenii
922 Eria toxopei
923 Eria tridens
924 Eria truncicola
925 Eucosia carnea
926 Eucosia papuana
927 Eulophia dentata
928 Eulophia versteegii
929 Eurycentrum atroviride
930 Eurycentrum monticola
931 Flickingeria aureiloba
932 Flickingeria dura
933 Galeola montigena
934 Galeola torana
935 Gastrochilus laxiflorus
936 Gastrodia callosa
937 Glomera acutiflora
938 Glomera acutipetala
939 Glomera amboinensis
940 Glomera bambusiformis
941 Glomera bougainvillensis
942 Glomera carnea
943 Glomera compressa
944 Glomera dekockii
945 Glomera dependens
946 Glomera fimbriata
947 Glomera flaccida
948 Glomera fransseniana
949 Glomera fruticula
950 Glomera gibbsiae
951 Glomera gracilis
952 Glomera hamadryas
953 Glomera inconspicua
954 Glomera jabiensis
955 Glomera kaniensis
956 Glomera lancitepala
957 Glomera latilinguis
958 Glomera microphylla
959 Glomera nana
960 Glomera palustris
961 Glomera plumosa
962 Glomera pulchra
963 Glomera pullei
964 Glomera pumilio
965 Glomera reineckeana
966 Glomera retusimentum
967 Glomera rigidula
968 Glomera salicornioides
969 Glomera salmonea
970 Glomera secunda
971 Glomera solicornioides
972 Glomera solomonea
973 Glomera squamulosa
974 Glomera subeciliata
975 Glomera sublaevis
976 Glomera subuliformis
977 Glomera transitoria
978 Glomera triangularis
979 Glomera uniflora
980 Glomera verrucifera
981 Glomera verruculosa
982 Glomera versteegii
983 Glomera verstegii
984 Glossorhyncha brachychaete
985 Glossorhyncha diosmoides
986 Goodyera arfakensis
987 Goodyera callosa
988 Goodyera ruttenii
989 Grosourdya tripercus
990 Habenaria auriculiloba
991 Habenaria baliensis
992 Habenaria copelandii
993 Habenaria integrilabris
994 Habenaria kjellbergii
995 Habenaria lamii
996 Habenaria luzonensis
997 Habenaria malbesiensis
998 Habenaria mearnsii
999 Habenaria nana
1000 Habenaria pachyneura
1001 Habenaria papuana
1002 Habenaria paradiseoides
1003 Habenaria paucipartita
1004 Habenaria robinsonii
1005 Habenaria rosulata
1006 Habenaria rumphii
1007 Habenaria spathiphylla
1008 Habenaria tosariensis
1009 Hetaeria falcatula
1010 Hetaeria kerintjiensis
1011 Hetaeria maritima
1012 Hetaeria pauciseta
1013 Hylophila orientalis
1014 Hylophila selebica
1015 Lecanorchis papuana
1016 Lepidogyne sceptrum
1017 Liparis acaulis
1018 Liparis altigena
1019 Liparis aptenodylis
1020 Liparis auriculefera
1021 Liparis calcaria
1022 Liparis canopicua
1023 Liparis caricifolia
1024 Liparis carinatisepala
1025 Liparis chlorantha
1026 Liparis crassibasis
1027 Liparis dolichobulbon
1028 Liparis genychila
1029 Liparis imperatifolia
1030 Liparis maotiensis
1031 Liparis mapanifolia
1032 Liparis melanaglossa
1033 Liparis melanoglossa,
1034 Liparis ovalis
1035 Liparis refracta
1036 Liparis spectabilis
1037 Liparis spirolipetala
1038 Liparis toxopei
1039 Luisia unguiculata
1040 Macodes celebica
1041 Macodes dendrophila
1042 Malaxis comans
1043 Malaxis latisegmenta
1044 Malaxis ramosii
1045 Mediocalcar agathodaemonis
1046 Mediocalcar angustifolium
1047 Mediocalcar angustum
1048 Mediocalcar arfakense
1049 Mediocalcar bifolium
1050 Mediocalcar bulbophylloides
1051 Mediocalcar cluniforme
1052 Mediocalcar crenalatum
1053 Mediocalcar doctersii
1054 Mediocalcar paradoxum
1055 Mediocalcar pygmaeum
1056 Mediocalcar subteres
1057 Mediocalcar uniflorum
1058 Mediocalcar versteegii
1059 Micropera fuscolutea
1060 Microsaccus borneensis
1061 Microstylis amabilis
1062 Microstylis amplectens
1063 Microstylis angustiflovea
1064 Microstylis bengkulensis
1065 Microstylis bispirifera
1066 Microstylis caricoides
1067 Microstylis carinatifolia
1068 Microstylis cordiglottis
1069 Microstylis crassidens
1070 Microstylis crassilabris
1071 Microstylis crenatiloba
1072 Microstylis cuprea
1073 Microstylis decumbens
1074 Microstylis fissa
1075 Microstylis floscularia
1076 Microstylis foetida
1077 Microstylis gibbosa
1078 Microstylis graminifolia
1079 Microstylis heliophoba
1080 Microstylis hispatita
1081 Microstylis horielensis
1082 Microstylis humerata
1083 Microstylis hydrophila
1084 Microstylis incurva
1085 Microstylis incurviforceps
1086 Microstylis inexspectata
1087 Microstylis irregularis
1088 Microstylis kerintjiensis
1089 Microstylis laevis
1090 Microstylis leucodon
1091 Microstylis lombasangensis
1092 Microstylis loxia
1093 Microstylis lunifera
1094 Microstylis maboroensis
1095 Microstylis marginata
1096 Microstylis megalantha
1097 Microstylis nitens
1098 Microstylis oligantha
1099 Microstylis oreocharis
1100 Microstylis ovalisepala
1101 Microstylis paguroides
1102 Microstylis palustris
1103 Microstylis protracta
1104 Microstylis puberula
1105 Microstylis purpureoviridis
1106 Microstylis ranaiensis
1107 Microstylis sciaphila
1108 Microstylis seranica
1109 Microstylis sororia
1110 Microstylis stenostachys
1111 Microstylis sublobata
1112 Microstylis undulata
1113 Microstylis verruculosa
1114 Microstylis vinicolor
1115 Microtatorchis cloricalearata
1116 Microtatorchis podochiloides
1117 Microtatorchis terrestris
1118 Microtatorchis triloba
1119 Mischobulbum marmoratum
1120 Mischobulbum papuanum
1121 Myrmechis seranica
1122 Nabaluia clemensii
1123 Neuwiedia amboinensis
1124 Neuwiedia cucullata
1125 Neuwiedia javanica
1126 Neuwiedia lindleyi
1127 Neuwiedia zollingeri
1128 Oberonia dimorphophylla
1129 Oberonia enoensis
1130 Oberonia fallax
1131 Oberonia forcipifera
1132 Oberonia kaniensis
1133 Oberonia murkelensis
1134 Oberonia odontopetala
1135 Oberonia pachyambon
1136 Oberonia phleoides
1137 Oberonia plumea
1138 Oberonia quadrata
1139 Oberonia reversidens
1140 Oberonia ruberrima
1141 Oberonia serpentinicaulis
1142 Ochreatia tjibodasaia
1143 Octarhena torricellensis
1144 Octarhena umbellulata
1145 Octarrhena calceiformis
1146 Octarrhena cucullifera
1147 Octarrhena curculifera
1148 Octarrhena hastipetala
1149 Octarrhena lorentzii
1150 Octarrhena obovata
1151 Octarrhena suborbicularis
1152 Octarrhena trigona
1153 Paphiopedilum torvum
1154 Paphiopedilum violescens
1155 Paphiopedilum wilhelminiae
1156 Paraphalaenopsis denevei
1157 Paraphalaenopsis serpentiliqua
1158 Pedilochilus macrorchinum
1159 Pedilochilus majus
1160 Pedilochilus obovatum
1161 Pedilochilus terrestre
1162 Pennilabium lampongense
1163 Pennilabium longicaule
1164 Peristylus lombokensis
1165 Peristylus mucronatus
1166 Peristylus rindjaniensis
1167 Phajus montanus
1168 Pholidota camelostalix
1169 Pholidota camelostlix
1170 Pholidota imbricata
1171 Pholidota sororia
1172 Pholidota sulcata
1173 Pholidota torricellensis
1174 Phreatia achoenorchis
1175 Phreatia apiculata
1176 Phreatia brachystachys
1177 Phreatia bulbophylloides
1178 Phreatia canaliculata
1179 Phreatia elata
1180 Phreatia leptophila
1181 Phreatia microtantha
1182 Phreatia navicularis
1183 Phreatia nutans
1184 Phreatia petiolata
1185 Phreatia potamophila
1186 Phreatia rhomboglossa
1187 Phreatia rotundata
1188 Phreatia seranica
1189 Phreatia sororia
1190 Phreatia stenophylla
1181 Phreatia microtantha
1182 Phreatia navicularis
1183 Phreatia nutans
1184 Phreatia petiolata
1185 Phreatia potamophila
1186 Phreatia rhomboglossa
1187 Phreatia rotundata
1188 Phreatia seranica
1189 Phreatia sororia
1190 Phreatia stenophylla
1191 Phreatia stipulata
1192 Phreatia wariana
1193 Platylepis banibus
1194 Platylepis lamellata
1195 Plocoglottis maculata
1196 Plocoglottis papuana
1197 Plocoglottis sakiensis
1198 Plocoglottis seranica
1199 Plocoglottis tropidiifolia
1200 Podochilus cucullatus
1201 Podochilus filiformis
1202 Podochilus lampongensis
1203 Podochilus murcosus
1204 Podochilus muscosus
1205 Podochilus polytrichoides
1206 Pomatocalpa floresanum
1207 Pomatocalpa lasioglossum
1208 Pomatocalpa linearipetalum
1209 Pomatocalpa naevatum
1210 Pomatocalpa potamophilum
1211 Pomatocalpa simalurense
1212 Pristiglottis hasseltii
1213 Pristiglottis hatumensis
1214 Pteroceras chrysanthum
1215 Pteroceras odoratum
1216 Pteroceras spathibrachiatum
1217 Pterostylis relexa
1218 Renanthera sarcanthoides
1219 Robiquetia anceps
1220 Robiquetia bicruris
1221 Robiquetia dentifera
1222 Sarcanthus buruensis
1223 Sarcanthus callosilobus
1224 Sarcanthus palustris
1225 Sarcostoma curvifolium
1226 Schoenorchis densiflora
1227 Taeniophyllum clavatum
1228 Taeniophyllum kaniense
1229 Taeniophyllum macranthum
1230 Taeniophyllum pubicarpum
1231 Taeniophyllum robustum
1232 Taeniophyllum stipulaceum
1233 Taeniophyllum tripulvinatum
1234 Taeniphyllum wakatimenne
1235 Tainia elongata
1236 Tainia speciosa
1237 Tainia steenisii
1238 Tainia sumatrana
1239 Tainia tenera
1240 Thelasis cebolleta
1241 Thrixspermum brevibracheatum
1242 Vanda lombokensis
1243 Vanilla seranica
1244 Vrydagzynea buruensis
1245 Vrydagzynea paludosa
1246 Vrydagzynea trilobata
1247 Zeuxine atrorubens
1248 Zeuxine baliensis
1249 Zeuxine bifalcifera
1250 Zeuxine dipera
1251 Zeuxine sibolangitensis
1252 Zeuxine torricellensis
1253 Zeuxine triangula

Orchid Pictures of orchid species catalog A

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This page is displayed in a beautiful orchid pictures and wild catalog of the species A.
Orchid species are very beautiful and wonderful with a variety of colors is spectacular. The color of wild color of this orchid decorated in harmony with the form of stem and leaf shapes orchid.


Aglossorhyncha biflora

Agrostophyllum brevipes

Alamania punicea

Altensteinia fimbriata

Amesiella philippinensis

Amitostigma keiskei

Anacamptis pyramidalis

Anacheilum fragans

Ancistrochilus rothschildianus

Ancistrorhynchus metternae

Angraecopsis breviloba

Angraecum scottianum

Anguloa sp

Anoectochilus geniculatus

Ansellia gigantea

Aorchis cyclochila

Aplectrum hyemale

Appendicula elegans

Arachnis flosaeris

Arethusa bulbosa

Arpophyllum giganteum


Ascocentrum miniatum

Aspasia lunata

Aerides japonica

Aeranthes grandiflora

Aerangis fastuosa

Adenoncos vesiculosa

Acriopsis javanica

Acrolophia capensis var. lamellata

Acrorchis roseola

Ada chlorops

Adamantinia miltonioides

Aganisia cyanea

Acostaea costaricensis


Acineta alticola

Acianthus fornicatus

Aceratorchis tschiliensis

Aceras anthropophorum

Acanthephippium mantinianum

Acanthephippium javanicum

Acampe Dentata

Acacallis hoehnei

Abdominae minimiflora

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