How to buy Orchid

Enchantment of orchids as ornamental plants is not irrefutable, the number of species and the beautiful color variations on orchids will confuse the beginner to collect certain kinds of orchids relationship. That way there are some things to keep in mind when we have to decide which ones to orchid we bought orchids are also conditions that we must buy. It is necessary to prevent iini disappointment when orchids are in our environment. Some tips to consider include:

  • Be sure to select orchids as you plan from the home by adjusting the picture and the name of your orchid species have Customize your data with data orchid names listed on the label of interest (be sure to cross the same as your data) .

  • Check the orchid flowers do not wither or dull, fresh orchid flowers look beautiful and healthy. It was difficult to determine criteria for the healthy interest because there is an abundant variety of orchids, there is a curly, there is a sac .

  • Check the condition of the color of the orchid flower visits roots. A little color purple roots will tend to bloom dark (Black, Crimson, Purple) green roots will bloom bright light (white, blue, yellow).

  • Check your orchid plants are attached to the media with good to avoid what we have just cut orchids and then affixed kemedia by merchants.

  • Check and touch the leaves of orchids. Healthy leaves and fresh plant indicate there is a good situation, check there are no spots or mold memempel on stem and leaves, wrinkled leaves indicate too much water or the roots are rotting, bacteria, viruses or fungi would seemingly leaves black at the base .

  • Some simpodial orchid Dendrobium and Cattleya like there will be false on the stem tuber (Pseudobulb). Note, healthy orchids will have pseudo bulbs plump, fleshy and solid.

  • Check the price of orchids when you adjust the fit with the general price at other dealers, or news on the internet.

  • Make sure you keep orchids in accordance with your environment, especially the sun and the altitude orchid life.

Good luck. Some criteria or tips will you need to see details of orchids will you buy through a catalog or information orchid expert.

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