Acacallis hoehnei

Spesies: Acacallis hoehnei

Genus: Acacallis
Sub Family: Epidendroideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Ordo: Orchidales
Klas: Liliopsida

Devisi: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae

Acacallis Lindl. 1853, is a genus of the family Orchidaceae that comes from South America with a small number of species. Genus name is derived from Greek mythology Akakallis. Based on the database of the Royal Botanical Gardens, the genus


Initial species found in the genus are found in the Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, and Peru.


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Examples of species Acacallis coerulea (Rchb. f.) Schltr. 1918 (synonymous with Aganisia fimbriata Rchb.f.) Acacallis cyanea Lindl. 1853 (Peru; Venezuela) (synonymous with Aganisia cyanea (Lindl.) Rchb.f) Acacallis fimbriata (Rchb. f.) Schltr. 1918 (Peru; V
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Shape of flower : From medium sized sympodial epiphyte that grows to about 25 cm tall. Growths are a slender,prostrate, creeping rhizome.
Pseudobulb: 5 cm long. The egg-shaped pseudobulbs are normallyglossy green.
LEAVES: 20 cm long. Normally, a single, erect, leathery leaf iscarried at the top of each pseudobulb. Elliptic leaf and very shiny green on the upper surface,is about 7.5 cm wide, and has a petiolate base
INFLORESCENCE: The slender and erect to arching flowerspike about 30 cm
FLOWERS: The flowers are 6.3 cm . The sepals and petals are mauve on the outside, but are sky blueon the inside, Also often the white colour at their tips and white at thebase. The unstervilles reported that while the flowers are decidedlyblue when they open, the blueness rapidly takes on a tinge of pink.

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