A quaestion for highlander orchid

Orchid height as other species of orchids need humidity and low light intensity. Excess light will damage the leaves and remove the possibility of new buds. When this was brought to anggrekspecies lower place can mean orchids can survive some serious time and live longer maintained.

Some hobbyists have a lot to try and just miserable when they crushed orchidGlass as a material that produces the evaporation of moisture or may try to reduce the intensity of the light placement in the house orchids can be at all times tried to bring it out to give the required effect photosintesis orchid leaves. This way depends on the humidity and the intensity of the sun where you live.

water circulation under glass or behind glass humidity levels set raising the plants. Waterfalls that wash the glass will be more spread gets orchid plants. If plants are placed on pages with a net may be a leaf with a variety of colors from brown to green was not fresh cut orchid leaves the same color as this orchid be bought fresh. This is useful to grow new shoots. Changing direction is needed for potted orchids refresher whole.

Suggestions and questions from a friend just to try

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