Abdominae minimiflora

Genus : Abdominea

Family : Orchidaceae
Order : Asparagales
Class : Liliopsida
Kingdom : Plantae

Division :Magnoliophyta

Tribe : Vandeae

Subtribe : Sarcanthinae
Informal Group : Monocot
Other Name :
Synonim :
Abdominea micrantha J.J.Sm.
Gastrochilus minimiflorus (Hook.f.) Kuntze
Saccolabium minimiflorum Hook.f.
Schoenorchis minimiflora (Hook.f.) Ames
Schoenorchis philippinensis Ames

Species Notes : Saccolabium minimiflorum
Species Author : J.J. Smith.
Species Publication :
in Bull. Jard. Bot. Buitenz. Ser. II. xxv. 98 (1917)
Status : Accurate
Specimen Detail
record 1
BO Number : BO-44051;
Determination By : Steenis, van (1939-01-01 00:00:00)
Determination Date : 1939-01-01 00:00:00
Collector : Backer, C.A. (1912-12-23 00:01:01)
Collect Date : 1912-12-23 00:01:01
Origin of Collection : wild origin
Status of Collection : present in collections
Phenology : flowering
Sex :
Collection Method : Hand collected
Preservation Method : Herbarium Sheet
Type : holotype
Habit Detail : Lip groen wit, de bloem geelachtig.
Habitat : Oerbosch, boomstam.
Substrate :

Specimen Notes : Holotype of Abdominea minimiflora (Hook.f.) J.J.S. (Orchidaceae).
Local Name :
Latitude : 6° 34' 48'' S
Longitude : 106° 46' 48'' E
Altitude : 400 m

Locality : Bogor (Kab) Jawa, Pulau
Locality Detail : Java, Goeah Gadjah Tji Karangsaat bij Klapa Noenggal (N.O.v. Buitenzorg)
Country : Indonesia

Abdominea genus consists of only one species of rare orchids, Abdominea minimiflora. Orchids are monopodial epiphytes plants that have small flowers. Genus name is derived from the Latin word meaning abdominal peru

These orchids scattered territories du Thailand to the Malay Peninsula, Java and the Philippines.

This Orchid species from Genus name is derived from the Latin word meaning abdominal peru It refers to the similarity between the shape of the labellum (lip) and the shape of the abdomen of an insect.
The species produces very small flowers, about 0.45 cm wide, on a racemose, many-flowered inflorescence

Abdominae minimiflora


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