Vanda Orchid Species Beautiful Colour

Orchid Vanda orchid is one of the well known and many are in our environment. Vanda sensekerta language means "beautiful", the name was given by Sir W. Jones in the year 1795. Vanda orchid species was first discovered in the same year by William Roxburg. Vanda orchid is one of the native orchids come from tropical spread from India, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea until Filifina. And like most tropical plants are capable of blooming orchids all year long as a condition and adequate treatment. Vanda orchids are relatively quite large and beautiful, has a lot of color variations (ex. yellow, purple, red, blue, white, etc.) and generally have freckles beautiful. In addition to beautiful flowers have the diversity of plants vandapun leaf form, namely

1.Vanda pencil-shaped leaves, Vanda is usually live in the land axis (terrestrial) and to get the full light treatment or get sunlight without shade. In some areas of western Java, Vanda species are often also used as a fence. The cultivation of these crops is usually done in a tile-walled trench using the stake as a prop by using a mixture of sawdust medium or coarse bran, shredded coconut fiber and the above media was added manure had been dried in the sun to dry.

2.Vanda pencil-shaped leaf spring, a combination of belt and pencil Vanda, elongated bowl. Generally such Vanda Vanda pencil leaves the program requires full sun.

3.Vanda belt-shaped leaves (like leaves in general), Vanda is different with the two brothers above, usually are epiphytes, or attached to the media or the tree and need a little shade around 30 - 50% light intensity sun. Planting can be directly attached to its roots by using a rope to a tree, and when it was attached to a rope can be fully released. Vanda is also planted in a pot, orchids treated just like any other epiphytes.
Some of Vanda Orchid Species:

Vanda coerulea Lindl

Vanda tricolor Lindl

Vanda sanderiana

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  1. orchids are orchids that many species and is one of the beautiful flowers, orchid orchid species is one that I like


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