The death of orchid species habitat

Orchid is a plant that is very beautiful forest. Forest undergrowth is orchid growth media is best fit with the character who did not want aggrek open nature with high solar intensity, especially of orchids that grow with the height above sea level in 1500. From year to year in the world almost all forest damage caused by logging and systematic destruction by many countries for various reasons. Unfortunately tropical forest is the habitat of orchids are developing countries whose governments allow loose with a variety of business and allowed the wood needs.
Indonesia, which is 20% of his life orchids in the world or place of more 5000 species of orchids are the most affected countries by the effects of globalization. Each year millions of hectares of land lying on a barren stretch of the inflamed by the high heat that the sun does not allow orchids live.
With only protect 29 species of orchids native Indonesia is not impossible there are many types of native orchids that are no longer found because of forest destruction. While the government researchers with minimal funds and the extent of forest Indonesia certainly not be able to quickly identify many orchids there.

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