Acanthephippium javanicum


Genus: Acanthephippium
Sub Family: Epidendroideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Ordo: Asparagales
Klas: Liliopsida
Devisi: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae

Description Acanthephippium javanicum Illustration in:
Acanthephippium is a genus of orchids consisting of 12 species. Genus name is derived from the Greek meaning acanthos spinning and ephippion which means the saddle, in accordance with the labellum of the flower-like saddle. Species-spe

This genus grow in the ground (terrestrial) and partially myco-heterotrophic. The genus is distributed from tropical and subtropical regions of India to southwest China to the Pacific.

Species: Acanthephippium bicolor (S. India, Sri Lanka, New Guinea). Acanthephippium chrysoglossum (W. Sumatra). Acanthephippium curtisii (Borneo - Sarawak). Acanthephippium eburneum (N. Sumatra, Borneo - Sarawak). Acanthephippium gougahensis (Thailand)
More description:
This orchid species are up to 80 cm tall whit short rhizomas. The oblong and fleshy pseudobulbs are up to 25 cm tall. They produce at their apex , parallel-veinedleaves, which can be up to 65 cm long.
The flower arises laterally from the pseudobulbs, with 3 to 6 flowers . The flowers are prominent, large, like cup- or urn-shaped, fleshy, waxy, and about 4 cm long. This orchid species unusual shape for an orchid. The flowers have colors from yellow to red to shades of orange and pink, marked with stripes or spots. The flower have a very strong fragrance.

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