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The beauty of orchids species in the world you will feel calm and knowledge of various types of orchid species . Various species of orchids have been studied to make orchids a lot of crosses. Orchid world was never tired to be studied and cultivated. Some estates have their own research where even different countries conduct research . Orchids became a very popular flower

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Welcome to the world of orchids. You can see many beautiful orchid species image with orchid species discription species in various of orchid species list types. Orchid as ornamental plants can be maintained properly and correctly through the correct processing. the plant to provide your needs starting from seed selection, planting, fertilizing and maintenance of the disease.
Need expertise to maintain the Orchid species that grow well and bloom beautifully. Orchid species come from various continents to grow and come from the forest. the tropics is very good for growth. . Here you can see the genus of orchid, orchid species, hybrid orchid, orchid pictures, and some necessary information. maintenance and various sales of Orchid many countries. Some orchid protected by laws of each country so as not extinct, Like Indonesian Orchid which 29 species protected by by law.
Indonesia has more than 4000 orchid species LIPI (Indonesian Institute of Sciences ) has been reset more than
1200 species of Indonesian orchid species. Investigation and research show with complete data of orchidaceae family,locations with local detail of orchid species finded.
Orchid genus from Indonesia such as Abdominea, Acanthophippium, Acoridium, Adenoncos , Aglossorhyncha, Agrostophyllum, Appendicula Bromheadia, Bulbophyllum, Calanthe, Ceratostylis, Coelogyne, Dendrobium, Dendrochilum, Eria, Glomera, Habenaria, Microtis, oncidium, Phalaenopsis, Porroglossum, Taeniophyllum, Tainia commonly found in many species on the islandJava sumatara kalimantan sulawesi ambon and papua

Orchid Growing Instructions
The beauty of the orchid's line and color is known to all who bask in the offerings of the florist's window, but the breathless suspense and expectation that attend the unfolding of the mysterious growth of the orchid plant are known to the grower alone . . .

See Orchid World
You will find information of how to grow orchids, how to care for orchids, orchid types, housing for orchids, orchid potting, growing orchids from seed, orchid hybrids and so much more. Enjoy the wonderful world of orchids. write on
"find orchid world ."

Growing Orchid For Beginner
When it comes to growing orchid for beginner, no hard and fast rules can be set down for the beginner to follow.
how to growing orchid .

Care Of The Orchid Flower
These are just some essential tips of the care of the orchid flower. read on
complete tips

Orchid Plant Diseases
Some of the more common orchid plant diseases include varying degrees of "rot". There are different types and include Bacterial Leaf Rot, Bacterial Root Rot and Crown Rot. . .

29 Species anggrek Indonesia dilindungi(Protected Indonesian Orchids)
29 orchid species protected by goverment regulation.Reproduction must be permited by KSDA office so the result can be used commersials.Many species of Orchid flower present in many nursery. . . .
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