Ansellia gigantea

Species:Ansellia gigantea
Genus: Ansellia
Sub Family: Epidendroideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Order: Asparagales
Class: Liliopsida
Division: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae


Ansellia Lindl. 1844, is a genus of the family Orchidaceae monotopik. Genus name is taken from the name of John Ansell, an assistant botanist from England who first discovered specimens of orchids in the year 1841 in the African island of Fernando Po in africa

Only species Ansellia africana, or better known by the name of African Ansellia or leopard orchid which is a native species from tropical and South Africa. Orchid plant is found along the bay and river in the shade of other trees

Species: africana Ansellia:: African Ansellia, Leopard Orchid Ansellia africana subsp. africana (Trop. & S. Africa). Ansellia africana subsp. australis (Angola).

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