LIPI Discover New Orchid Species in Flores

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Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI) announced a new orchid species from the island of Flores, East Nusa Tenggara, which is named Dendrobium floresianum.

LIPI researchers orchids, Destario Metusala, the Kebon Raya Puwodadi, East Java, Monday (22 / 6), say, publication name the new orchid species that was broadcast on The Orchid Review, England, a journal of orchids widely read internationally.

According Destario Metusala, orchid species naming was the result of her research with researchers Singapore, O'Byrne, for three years, ever since they found that flower in 2006. Flowers accidentally found it, according to him, has the closest relatives of orchid species of D. obrienianum from the Philippines.

Time for three years, said Destario, required to perform various scientific measures for this orchid species, including the identification process to ensure that the orchids species are different from relatives in the same genus.

According to him, now is the time to introduce to the public within the country of origin of new species of Indonesia.

"To develop this Orchid species of Dendrobium floresianum easy to do because, although found in mountainous areas, this interest rate adjust to the lower regions of origin humidity enough," he said.

Orchid's flowering period in April-May, September-October, and January. Dendrobium floresianum like region with a smooth air circulation, with a range of light up to 50 percent 70 percent. Mentioned, like other Orchid species of Dendrobium, orchids floresianum highly susceptible to pest attack.

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