Cymbidium hartinahianum, anggrek hartinah


Cymbid is one of the various types of plants and the genus Cymbidium having narrow leaves and long ducked a bunch of flowers with a striking variety of colors boat-shaped. Hybridization and widely cultivated as a crop and an important collection for the Florists'
Cymbidium hartinahianum, anggrek hartinah
Cymbidium plants hartinahianum a "highlander". Namely around the height of more than 1500m above sea level. Habitat is in the open field. Like plant occupies higlander extreme temperature difference between day and night.
This is a difficult development of the collectors and hobbyists
required adequate greenhouse with high technology to maintain and membanyakan orchid species.
Error care will only destroy this species.
Orchid species living around the Bukit Barisan Mountains that stretch from North to South. North Sumatra
Cymbidium Hartinahianum, orchid Hartinah

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