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KAntong semar
Semar, or better known by the scientific name Nepenthes spp, used as one of the ornamental plant because of its uniqueness. The uniqueness of this type lies in the tip-shaped leaves into a bag with a lid dibagian it. The function of this screw-top bag is to attract and trap insects, and Semar disekitarnya.Kantong animal has the form, style, size and color variety, so it has high artistic value ayng. This is what makes IN NATURE has great potential as an ornamental plant but other plants that have been popular dibudidayakan.Di Indonesia, poetensi is still very little used, even though Indonesia is the distribution center in the world PLANTS. Abroad, PLANTS use as an ornamental plant is very popular, even hundreds of hybrid has been produced which would increase the variation pattern bag that has a unique ada.Kantong Semar addition, it also has other benefits that can be used as traditional medicine. Fluid in the pouch young can be used as a close eye medicines, cough, and treat the burned skin, but that feeling leaves or roots can be used as a refreshing solution, and boiled roots as an upset stomach, disnetri, coughing and having demam.Kantong Semar spread from southern China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Madagascar, Australia, New Caledonia, India to Sri Lanka, most species are in Indonesia, namely the island of Sumatra and Kalimantan (Borneo). Eighty-six of the existing PLANTS world, including 64 species found in Indonesia. Borneo (Kalimantan, Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei) is the distribution center in the world PLANTS, because here lived about 32 species IN PLANTS. Type - the type found in not including natural and hybrid species is more than baru.Saat IN PLANTS 280 hybrid has been produced, of which 193 came from two parent and not less than 34 species are used as the main crossing. Several types of bags are highly adaptable Semar and more tolerant of various environmental conditions among others: Nepenthes gracilis, N. Mirabilis, N. Reinwardtiana, and N. Raflesiana. Propagation seeds PLANTS generally can be done with stem cuttings, seeds and saplings to separate.

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