Coelogyne pandurata

Orchid species known as Black or Black Orchid, because the tongue is black. Coelogyne Lindley pandurata spread in Malaysia, Sumatra, Borneo and the Philippines in Mindanao, Luzon and the island of Samar. Generally grow on old trees, near the beach or in low-lying swamp areas hot enough.

Coelogyne pandurata Species:

Genus: Coelogyne


Coelogyne Lindl. 1821, is a genus that has more than 200 species of orchids, epiphytes. Several orchid species are on the ground or litofit habitat . Genus Bolborchis Lindl., Pfitzer and Hologyne now Ptychogyne included Pfitzer dal


Regional distribution of this genus mencakul India, China, Indonesia and the Fiji Islands with the main distribution area of Borneo, Sumatra and the Himalayas. Orchids of this genus can be found ranging from lowland forest to tropical rain forests pegun Description Some of the orchids Coelogyne which is the result of crossing is: Coelogyne 'Mem. W. Micholitz '(C. mooreana × C. lawrenceana) Coelogyne' Linda Buckley '(C. mooreana × C. cristata) Coelogyne' Burfordiensis' (C. pandurata × C. asperata). Coelogy

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