Angraecum scottianum

Species: Angraecum scottianum
Genus: Angraecum
Sub Family: Epidendroideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Order: Asparagales
Class: Liliopsida
Division: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae

Angraecum Bory, 1804 consists of 221 species, have no pseudobulbs and have a monopodial stem. Long-lasting flowers, forming rasemosa inflorescence and leaf growing from the armpits. Most flowers are white, but some species have different flower colors like creamly yellow . Flower length 5 to 10cm .
Vegetative forms of plants and flowers of this orchid is very varied and very well adapted to growing in dry tropical regions that have very thick leaves. Generally grow as epiphytes, but some grow in the ground as litofit.

Until Comoros Islands. It is found at an altitude of 350-600 meters in open exposed areas on the lower branches facing westwards

Angraecum eburneum:
lithophyte Angraecum leonis:
Lion's Moustache Orchid Angraecum magdalenae:
Queen of the Angraecums
Angraecum sesquipedale:
Star of Bethlehem Orchid, Christmas Star Orchid, Comet Orchid, orchid Rocket

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