Orchid moons Pelaihari

moon which is the famous orchid and Indonesia is where the growth of species of orchids than in the philippines. Pelaihari Orchid months growing in South Kalimantan (Pelaihari) has many advantages not found in other orchid species in other areas such as Bogor or flipina
Excess Pelaihari orchids months, among other things, orchid flower moon Pelaihari have a long enough period of between three to six months, much branched, the number of petals in a flower stalk between 25-50

Orchid moons Pelaihari have a pure white color and pretty incredible, if any, the price can be 5 million dollars.

Beauty orchid moon pelaihari types , this orchids moon with the price is very expensive to make and destroy the hunters forget this type of real life squad even in Pelaihari (South Kalimantan) itself has not been found.
Some hobbyists in Pelaihari able to breed naturally with little success. China breeding center may be able to breed well, although not as good in their habitat. Unlike conducted during pollination by wind or breeding of puppies.
In addition to the type of orchid months Pelaihari Indonesia loses some orchid species such as dendrobium lowii, spathoglottis Aurea (yellow ground orchid) and orchids several other denbrobium which can be found again in the forests Indonesia Kalimantan forests, especially where more than 4000 species of orchids grow.

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