Orchids for the parcel

has become a trend a long time major holidays, as well as on Iedul Fitri several kinds of orchids in great demand both in the form of parcel sold as an ornamental flower or another parcel with a decorative variety of orchids. The sale price is quite affordable than 2000 rupiah / stalk to 20000 rupah for a particular type. Dendrobium orchids sold for 7500 rupiahs / stalk or douglas orchid that can be bought at a price of 5000 rupiah / stalk .
Orchids for the parcel is very special feast day because almost everyone likes orchids especially when matched with a beautiful vase so it looks incredible. Indonesia with a wealth of orchids that many of course have to preserve the life of her orchids orchids that like-this great opportunity today to be essential to introduce the orchid in his own country. Not important to know what type of orchid orchid which is used as commodity parcel. eventually this will help in the preservation of Indonesian orchids.
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