Aceras anthropophorum

Spesies: Aceras anthropophorum
Genus: Aceras
Sub Family: Orchidoideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Ordo: Asparagales
Klas: Liliopsida
Tribe: Orchideae
Devisi: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae

Vernacular names
Deutsch: Ohnhorn · English: Man orchid · Español: Orquídea hombre · Français: Homme pendu · Hornjoserbsce: Mužikowa bjezwotrožka · Italiano: Ballerina · Lietuvių: Šlaitinis beragis · Nederlands: Poppenorchis · Русский: Ацерас фигурный · 中文: 人帽兰 ·

Ophrys insectifera (left) Aceras anthropophorum (right)
Aceras anthropophorum (left)Illustration in:Otto Wilhelm Thomé: "Flora von Deutschland, Österreich und der Schweiz",Gera (1885)

Orchid guy (Man orchid, Aceras anthropophorum) is the only species of the genus monotipik Aceras. Common name of this orchid flowers refers to the shape that resembles a man hanging, where the head is formed by Petal and sepal ser The name Man Orchid is a European species of orchid . The head is formed by the petals and sepals, and the suspended torso and limbs by the lobes of the labellum.

This orchid grows in the rich prairie sun to dry land. Orchids are scattered in the Mediterranean area and in central Europe and can also be found in the alpine zone in areas not too high.
Aceras anthrophophorum is a herbaceous perennial, growing between 20 to 40 cm (7.9 to 16 "). A basal rosette of 5 cm (2.0 ") lanceolate leaves develops from a tuber of up 6 cm (2.4 ") diameter,between April and June a central flower spike is produced bearing up to fifty small, stemless flowers vary from greenish, with a yellow-green labellum, to green, streaked and marked with purple.Orchis anthropophora favours moderately sunny meadows on well-drained, often calcareous soil. It is to be found around the Mediterranean area, and in central and western Europe as far north as southern England. It also grows in alpine areas, but not at high altitude.The habitats grows in calcareous grassland.

Synonym Aceras anthropomorpha (Eq.) Steud. 1840 Aceras anthropophorum (L.) Sm. 1818
Loroglossum anthropophorum (L.) Rich. 1818 Loroglossum brachyglotte Rich. 1818
Ophrys L. anthropophora 1753 Orchid
valid: Orchis anthropophora (L.) All. (1785)
Arachnites anthropophora (L.) F.W. Schmidt (1793)
Satyrium anthropophorum (L.) Pers. (1807)
Himantoglossum anthropophorum (L.) Spreng. (1826)
Serapias anthropophora (L.) Jundz. (1830 )

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