Acrolophia capensis var. lamellata

Genus: Acrolophia
Sub Family: Epidendroideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Order: Asparagales
Class: Liliopsida
Tribus: Cymbidieae
Subtribus: Cyrtopodiinae
Division: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae

This genus consists of 9 species of orchids. The genus is characterized by upright leaves, thick and thick roots, fleshy and long. All the species have similar flowers of the genus Eulophia flower color is almost black, brown, white or

An endemic orchid genus from Africa. Regional distribution of this orchid in particular in the Cape province in South Africa and some in the African tropics.

Acrolophia lamellata habitat
by Andrew massyn

Acrolophia barbata (Spreng.) Pfitzer 1887
Acrolophia comosa (Sond.) Schltr. & Bolus 1894
Acrolophia lamellata (Lindl.) Pfitzer 1887
Acrolophia sphaerocarpa (Sond.) Pfitzer 1887
Acrolophia tristis (Lf) Pfitzer 1887
Eulophia comosa Sond. 1846
Eulophia sphaerocarpa Sond 1846
Eulophia tristis (Lf) Spreng. 1826
Graphorchis capensis (PJBergius) Kuntze 1891
Graphorkis comosa (Sond.) Kuntze 1891
Graphorkis lamellata (Lindl.) Kuntze 1891
Graphorkis sphaerocarpa (Sond.) Kuntze 1891
Graphorkis tristis (Lf) Kuntze 1891
Limodorum capense PJBergius 1767
Limodorum triste (Lf) Thunb. 1794
Satyrium capense (P. J. Bergius) Houtt. 1780
Serapias capensis (P. J. Bergius) L. 1771
Satyrium triste L.f. 1782
Eulophia lamellata Lindl. (1833) Basionym
Acrolophia capensis var. lamellata (Lindl.) Schelpe 1982
Acrolophia bolus lamellata (Lindl.) Pfitzer 1887

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