Acianthus fornicatus Orchid species


Acianthus fornicatus
Genus: Acianthus
Sub Family: Orchidoideae
Family: Orchidaceae
Order: Asparagales
Class: Liliopsida
Division: Magnoliophyta
Kingdom: Plantae
Synonyms: Acianthus fornicatus var. fornicatus R.Br.
Acianthus ledwardii Rupp
Common name: Pixie Caps

Acianthus Brown, 1810 was a member Australisian genus 21 species. Genus name is derived from the Greek word that means the end Achis and anthos which means flower, according to the form of a pointed sepal. Common name used in Australia Acianthus fornicatus  Orchid species habitat,Photo J. Plaza

This genus spread in Australia, New Zealand, New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. In the new Kalidonia, Grows in coastal scrub and moist forest; widespread north of Eden ,some species grow in the forest on a decaying forest waste or rotting wood.

Add Description: Terrestrial herb.
Leaf :10–40 mm long, 10–20 mm wide, upper surface dark green, lower surface reddish purple.
Flowers:Raceme 10–30 cm high, 1–10-flowered. Flowers 10–14 mm long, translucent pinkish with a green or dark purplish red labellum. Dorsal sepal broad-ovate, cucullate, 9–12 mm long, 5–6 mm wide. Lateral sepals linear to lanceolate, 9–12 mm long, c. 1.4 mm wide, with a red central stripe; apical point 2–3 mm long. Petals narrow-ovate to lanceolate, c. 4 mm long, c. 1.5 mm wide, with a red central stripe. Labellum ovate to lanceolate, distal margins revolute, usually broad-cordate when flattened, 5–6 mm long, 2.5–3.2 mm wide, acuminate; callus thick, fleshy, papillose near the apex ,Flowering: May–Aug.


Species Acianthus aegeridantennatus (NW. & SE. New Caledonia). Acianthus amplexicaulis (NE. Queensland to EC. New South Wales, New Caledonia). Acianthus atepalus (SE. New Caledonia). Acianthus bracteatus (SE. New Caledonia). Acianthus caudatus:

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